My Writing Services

Headshot-blueGreetings! My name is Stephanie Parrott, and I’m a Ghostwriter, Story Strategist, and On-Camera Personality Coach.  After 10 years in the entertainment industry (in front of and behind the camera), I discovered that God had other plans for my talents of developing and writing stories and eventually, I stepped away from contributing to Hollywood to assist everyone from Entrepreneurs to everyday people with crafting and penning their stories.

Which brings me here to you today! I would love to know if there is any way I can assist you in crafting your message and story for your audience!

I currently specialize in 4 different areas:

Ghostwriting: As an Entrepreneur, sometimes conquering the world and sitting down to write about it just don’t make time for each other. Even when you do get some downtime, the idea of gathering your thoughts to write even a paragraph can be overwhelming! That’s where I come in. I assist people like you who are on the move and want to tell their stories. Whether it be via book, blog post, speech, or digital video, my years of training and experience in building characters and entire worlds allow me to step into your shoes and assist you in penning a story in your voice.

Story Development: When people ask me what story development is, I tell them it’s like one of the two: A) renovating a house or, B) building one from the ground up. For the Entrepreneur who has already created and written their story but would love to pull out more emotion, clarity, and depth. Or, for the Entrepreneur who desires to tell their story but has no idea where or how to begin, I can help you structure and outline it from beginning to end.

Content Editing: Sticking with the real estate analogy, Content Editing would be likened to putting the final interior decorating and curb appeal touches on that new home! This service is for the Entrepreneur whose story is already written and developed but would love a critical and creative eye on their manuscript to spruce things up a bit!

On Camera Personality Coaching:  So, you’ve got a message to share or a book to promote and one of the ways you’ve chosen to do so is through digital video. The only thing is, your on-camera presence could use a little help. I’m here for it! From the scripting of your dialogue to the cadence of your speech, I teach you how to communicate your message on-camera with clarity and brevity.

For a more detailed description of my services, pricing, or to set up a consultation call, please feel free to email me at I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your business in 2018!

All The Best,